Zuckertüte Style Cone Shaped Large Gift Bag, Choose Your Design


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Measures 26cm wide (when flat), 42cm tall (all measurements are approximate).

This is a cone shaped gift bag design based on the German Zuckertüte, which is given to children as they start school, traditionally filled with sweets and stationery – supposedly to sweeten life a little as things are becoming very serious once you start school. Today, this tradition is extended to older children who start an apprenticeship or University.

Handmade using either denim or heavy cotton canvas for the body, and a craft cotton weight fabric for the top. The choice is yours!

You can see in one of the photos how these teenagers starting out on their university course are definitely not too old for getting a load of sweets!

If you need advice on which fabric to use, please get in touch!

We can make other sizes too (and in any of our fabrics), please ask.




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Hessian, Gold, Linen, Celery, Sage, Olive, Navy, Aquamarine, Marine, Coral, Pink, Rose, Baby Blue, Teal, Duck Egg, Red, Cardinal, Burgundy, Pansy, Magenta, Slate, Charcoal, Dove, Black, Forest, Set of 2, Set of 3, Set of 4, Set of 5, Set of 6, Set of 7, Set of 8, Set of 9, Set of 10


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