Washable Sanitary Pads Tester Pack

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**** All out tester packs have gone now. Please get in touch below if you would like to receive one from the next batch****

Different sizes and thicknesses. We ask that in return for getting a pack that you give us some feedback.

Thank you!

Please note the items in the pack may vary from the photo.

1 review for Washable Sanitary Pads Tester Pack

  1. Jessica

    I have used washable sanitary pads since my son was born over 10 years ago and have not looked back. I was concerned initially that the popper would not last or they would move around whilst wearing. However, the design holds and not being stuck to your underpants has only been an advantage being able to make these micro-adjustments when necessary. The big size is also luxuriously big giving the greater assurance that if will last through the night.
    I found this pack only an upgrade to my old worn ones – initially just felt they are too nice to spoil. Lovely soft and absorbent. I am almost looking forward to the next time I have a reason to wear them 🙂

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