Vegan Reusable Bowl Covers, Beige Gingham



Durable waterproof bowl or food covers; machine washable, or simply wipe clean (try our reusable wipes for this!). Banish cling film from your kitchen with these cheerful alternatives. The beige gingham wipes in one of the photos can be found here.

Not just for covering bowls of course, use them on jugs, pots, yoghurt pots, quiche dishes … anything circular in your kitchen. Helps to keep food fresh and stops interference from insects or little fingers. Also useful for wrapping up food to keep it fresh, see last photo for some ideas.

Each set of 3 (one each of the small, medium and large size) or 5 (one each of all sizes) comes in its own double drawstring storage bag.

Sizes (diameters, please note all sizes are approximate):

Jug: 19 cm, for jugs/small bowls up to 13cm diameter

Small: 22cm, for bowls up to 15cm

Medium: 27cm, for bowls up to 20cm

Large: 34cm, for bowls up to 27cm

Extra large: 45cm, for bowls up to 38cm

Cotton outer, PUL fabric inner, which is waterproof and slightly breathable. Elastic string and toggle make these very easy to use and adjustable to suit your bowls.

The photos are showing the small, medium and large sizes.

Additional information

Size or Set

jug, small, medium, large, extra large, set of 3, set of 5


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