Leaving their fabrics as untreated as possible makes them exceptionally sturdy. They usually steer clear of easy-care and wrinkle-resistant treatments, which allows their cottons to maintain their natural stability.

Virtually all of their fabrics meet the Öko-Tex100 standard, with an increasing number of organic cottons being introduced as well.

However, their fabrics are proven to be more than just free of harmful substances. They also exhibit good “residual shrinkage values” – in other words, they shrink very little – and the threads of their textiles are coloured with reactive dye. In manufacturing their printed fabrics, they use a reactive printing process (vat / discharge printing), which permeates the fibres instead of merely applying dye to the surface, as in pigment printing. This also ensures a high level of rub fastness while leaving the fabric soft and much more durable. Similar to screen printing, the process separates print patterns into their individual colours, which makes it possible to apply colour gradients.

These days, for many companies their own label “Made in Germany” has become no more than a sticker and only few still live the philosophy behind it. Westfalenstoffe, however, are true ambassadors, who have been embodying the values this label represents for nearly 80 years.

Their products are diverse – but never frivolous.
You will find sophistication – not just the latest trends.

Through the years, they have stayed true to their Westphalian roots in North-West Germany and continue to provide steady jobs in the region. They also procure their materials from Germany whenever possible. The company has been family-owned and operated since the beginning.

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